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GES Publishing offers Traditional and Independent publishing print on demand services. At this time, we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts for traditional publishing. We do accept unsolicited manuscripts for Independent publishing.

Independent is a self-publishing option that seeks to make the author successful in today’s tough market. With the decline and fall of many of the main book retail chains, getting a larger publishing house to take a chance on unproven talent is a hard sell. With the problem of Borders Book Stores refusing to pay for books, one of the largest markets for books has been restricted. Other retail chains are also struggling.

The market is changing, and unless publishing houses are willing to change with the market, book sales will continue to decline.

GES Publishing started with a vision to make independent publishing affordable and competitive. When choosing an independent publishing option, there are three very important facts to consider.

1. The final price of the book. If you create a masterpiece, but it sells for 18.95 or more, you will never find a consistent market for your book. Studies have shown that $10 is the golden mark for paperback sales. To be included in Amazon’s premium distribution list, most books must sell for a minimum of $10.88. Keeping books near this price is critical. According to statistics, the average self-published book sells around 70 copies. Some self-pubs are very successful, but  the numerous failures lower this average significantly. Part of this is due to poor content or inadequate author marketing, but often the real problem is the price.

If you look at many of the self-publishing houses, author books retail for between $18.95 and $24.95 for paperback editions. Many of these publishers don’t make this information available, but it can be found by looking at their advertised books. Add a few books to an online shopping cart, or find the titles on Amazon. If the price is high, this is a sign that selling a book through this publishing house will be an uphill battle. When a book goes over $12, sales drop off significantly. When it’s above $15, sales will be limited to friends and family. The only exception is specialized information such as technical books.

GES Publication insures published book remains competitively priced. Our printed books will retail between $9.99 and $11. Ebooks will normally be priced between $2.99 and $4.99. This will keep them competitive in the market and still provide a higher royalty than most traditionally published books.

2. Price of publishing. Search the web and you’ll discover countless publishing houses. The truth is, most publishing houses make their money by selling you their package – not by selling your book. If a publisher charges $2,000 and up, proceed with caution.

Marketing your book is a service a publishing house can’t offer. The truth is, today’s market demands an involved author. Sending out press releases and including your book into catalogs does not sell books. Book trailers do not sell books. Authors sell books. They do so with their platform and book marketing plan. Gaining reviews, networking, word of mouth, social networking, and other methods sell books. Authors who pay for marketing often overpay for the services. Most of these things can be done by the author for free. Since the majority of self-published authors have marketing included in their package, and still most sell less than 70 books, this shows that marketing packages aren’t effective.

3. Royalties. The average publishing house pay authors between 7% and 12% of their book sales. The cost of printing and distribution makes it very difficult to get beyond this for printed books, so GES Publishing offers the maximum of 12%  for paperback editions. Available commission is affected by publishing costs, printing cost, retail commission, and shipping.The industry standard is the same for eBook commissions as it is for printed books. However, the cost of  publishing ebooks is significantly lower.This is where GES Publishing separates from the pack. Rather than the standard 7-12%, GES Publishing pays authors 45% commission on ebook sales. This includes sales on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, Sony, and Diesel Books. Since the bulk of book sales are now in ebook format, this is a larger payment for authors.

A solid book marketer can earn a good royalty check. GES Book Publishing far exceeds the industry standard in author royalties. You did the work; you should earn the money.

To submit your work for for consideration, fill out the form below. Keep in mind, we don’t publish every book. This is a Christian publishing house, so our standards are high. We do publish secular books if we find they stay within our standards. Before you submit your manuscript, make sure it’s polished and print ready. If not, we will ask you to have it edited. We provide editing services, or you can hire your own editor.

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