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First time authors are encouraged to submit to our standard publishing division during the times when submissions are open.  Click here to visit our submissions page for details. GES Publishing does not bait and switch. Standard publishing (i.e. traditional publishing) has a higher standard than independent publishing. If your manuscript is rejected for standard publishing, you are free to submit through Kerusso Publishing for independent publishing, but GES Publishing will not market this service to you.

GES Publishing is a Christian publisher; however, we do print secular books. We reserve the right to reject a manuscript at our discretion. If your manuscript has excessive profanity or inappropriate sexual content, it is not likely we will accept your submission.

Standard Publishing Submissions are currently Open

GES Book Publishing is now accepting manuscript submissions. Submissions are open to fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. As a small press, we have a fast paced schedule, and are looking to get several books on the market this year. When our slots are filled, the submission page will be closed. If you need to request additional information, see our contact page.

To submit a manuscript to the staff of GES Book Publishing, click here.


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